Adult Treatment Services

“Our mission is to help people improve and maintain their mental health through research-supported methods of psychological assessment and treatment. We value inclusivity and respect the unique and diverse nature of individuals.”

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a rigorously researched evidence-based psychological treatment for a wide variety of problems.

CBT is based on the theory that thoughts, mood, and behaviours are all related. In therapy you will learn how to identify and reframe inaccurate and unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that contribute to emotional difficulties and possible problematic behaviours.

CBT therapists also help clients plan and then implement strategic changes in behaviour which serve to reinforce healthier thinking patterns, break unwanted habits, and contribute to improvements in physical and emotional well-being.

CBT is a short-term evidence-based therapy that is used in treating a wide variety of problems (see Commonly Treated Problems).

CBT is goal-directed, structured, oriented in the “here-and-now”, and focused on skill-building. It is typical for CBT to involve completion of tasks between sessions to work on implementing skills learned in therapy into one’s daily life.

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