CBT for Illness Anxiety Disorder

What is Illness Anxiety Disorder? Illness Anxiety Disorder, also commonly referred to as Hypochondriasis, describes an individual’s preoccupation and worry regarding their health. Typically, individuals …

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Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists: What are the Differences?

Understanding the distinction between a psychologist, a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist can be confusing at times. While these mental health professionals do overlap in some …

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CBT for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

What is PTSD? PTSD is a serious and chronic anxiety disorder that typically follows exposure to stressful or life-threatening events. This mental health condition is …

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CBT for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder? Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a mental health condition that is characterized by excessive worrying and feelings of anxiety that cause …

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CBT for Panic Disorder & Agoraphobia

What is Panic Disorder & Agoraphobia? Panic Disorder is one of the anxiety disorders in which a person can be diagnosed with. It involves a …

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CBT for Social Anxiety Disorder

What is Social Anxiety Disorder? Social Anxiety Disorder is a mental health disorder that is characterized by the fear of being negatively evaluated or perceived …

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